Janne "Flygare" Eriksson B-17 photo gallery

Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"This is the story of my father's time as regular mechanic with F6 Wing at Karlsborg, central Sweden, 1941 - 44. It contains a biography as well as a photogallery with some, possibly, unique photos."


SAAB B 17 with groundcrews. "Erks" at work int their B 17:s on a temporary airbase summer 1944.

B 17 close-up on engine run up.

B 17 runs up. A B 17 having its engine checked after maintenance. Note the typical undercarrige, originally intended to serve as divebrakes in divebomb-attacks as well, a change of tactics made this unnecessary. They made good use however, as speedbrakes in landing.

"My lads". Dad’s own words on this photo of his subordinates during a break summer 1944. By this time he was the responsible for "his own" B 17, holding the rank of corporal.

B 17 Wing lines up.

B 17 with groundcrews in winter. Note that the wheels have been changed to the, for the B 17, succesful retractable skis.

A pilot enters the same B 17 as above. Note the typical flyinggear with leaterhelmet and parachutepack.

A B17:s retractable tailski.

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