Marivox Sk 2 - New kit available!

Published: Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The long awaited Sk2 Friedrichshafen FF33E is now available from Marivox! This is a Limited Edition run including Swedish markings. The kit is based on the release from Techmod and has received very good reviews on the internet and other media. Retailers can now also contact Marivox directly to order the kit. See the products section for pictures and more information and take a look at the contents inside the box.

01 sk2



New domain and website!

Published: Monday, 11 February 2013

2013 has just started and we open up with a new domain name and a brand new website. This is exciting times and we intend to bring it all to you. The website will expand with time and more content will be available. As for now, the original content is up and you can browse the site as you did with the old website.

Please note: The old forwarding domain is no more! The company that provided that address has unfortunately changed their business model. So please update your bookmarks, is now the new official address.

Marivox J22 upgraded

Published: Wednesday, 13 September 2000

The original Marivox J22 is now available in a new upgraded version. This includes a new decal set and etched brass details. For more information, visit the products section.

Improvements on the site

Published: Saturday, 01 September 2012

It's been quite a while since the last update. This time around the update involves changes to the layout of some of the pages. For example, the products page is more accessible and less cluttered.

The "Janne flygare" page in the B-17 web link section is now easier to navigate, all pictures with text are now on the same page. Also, the web links have been updated, broken links removed and a few new links added.

Vampire Mk1 available

Published: Monday, 16 August 1999

Our new kit, the dH Vampire Mk 1, is available now!

This is a hybrid kit; Heller/Revell's Vampire Mk V with extra (Ventura) wings, fins, fuel tanks and canopies ( Falcon! ). Etched brass, decals for 8 aircraft: 3 Swedish, 2 RAF, 1 French AF, 1 Swiss AF, 1 Dominican AF. Check it out in the products section.


E-mail address

Published: Saturday, 25 June 2005

To contact Marivox, use e-mail address: marivox(at)

Exchange the (at) with @
You can also use Contact Us in the left menu.

Vampire Mk.1 available soon

Published: Tuesday, 16 February 1999

The new upcoming kit, dH Vampire MK1 will be available soon. It will be a hybrid kit: Revell's Vampire MK5 with new wings, fins, fuel tanks and canopies (Falcon). Etched brass and decals for 8 aircraft: Swedish, English, French, Swiss and Dominican Air Force.