Published: Thursday, 14 February 2013

  • Sk 2 Friedrichshafen FF33E: 1 version, 1 set of decals, etched brass set, Swedish Air Force. SEE BOX CONTENTS!


  • SAAB 105: 6 versions, 9 sets of decals, etched brass set, Swedish and Austrian Air Force.


  •  SAAB J22: 2 Versions, decals, etched brass set.


  • SAAB 17: 6 versions, 16 sets of decals. Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Austrian and Ethiopian Air Force.


Vampire Mk1 - Please note: The kit is a Limited Edition run and is now out of production. However, it may still be purchased from retailers that still have the kit in stock. Please check with your hobby shops that sell Marivox products.

  • Vampire Mk.1 J-28A: Etched brass, decals for 8 aircraft: 

    3 Swedish. 

    2 RAF. 

    1 French AF. 

    1 Swiss AF. 

    1 Dominican AF.


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